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If everything you now believe to be true was a lie – when would you want to know? When it comes to some of the most impassioned, hotly-debated and divisive issues of our day, when was the last time you honestly questioned yourself, as to why you believe what you say you believe? Have you ever? This takes great courage! However, you must – if you are to discover your life purpose – what you were uniquely created for!

We live in a time, where virtually everything, ought to be questioned, challenged, and where appropriate, changed or eliminated. A spirit of greed, corruption and a prideful self-serving self-righteousness, practiced by a powerful few, has taken on a life of its own, while the rest of creation picks up the “tab.” The entire universe is crying out for change. We desperately need a worldwide reset.

          The Walk® is both a simulated guided tour and a personal journey, providing at designated “rest stops,” opportunities for quiet introspection and courageous self-questioning. Along the path, I transparently share with you from my own life experiences, as to some of the most impassioned, divisive and controversial issues of our day. I reveal where I once stood, like when I was GOD’s self-appointed gatekeeper of all truth, one with all the answers, to what was behind the 180 degree turn I underwent, to where I am now, one with more questions than answers. I had been blind and didn’t know it. I desperately needed DIVINE heart surgery – I got it!

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