This is a hotly debated and emotionally charged theme, as well. 

What did the authors of capitalism have in mind?

How did they envision it playing out in society? 

Have we gone off course, and if so, by how much? 

Can it be restored, or have we gone over the tipping point?

Moreover, is it worth restoring, or do we need an entirely new paradigm?

Do we need a form of capitalism that provides a level playing field for all, regardless of social status? 

Do we require a new game that rejoices, validates, and affirms, the creativity and successes of others, rather than one that does everything possible to keep people in their places?

We need a capitalism “of the people, by the people and for the people.” This is faith-based capitalism. Furthermore, notwithstanding the fact, that right-leaning politicians and their adherents purport a return to a capitalistic society, I doubt that many of them, and perhaps most, have even thought through what they aspire to.

Here is why: True capitalism, by definition, does not exist anywhere. I do not know that it ever has. We willingly cede certain of our freedoms to government – any government – and we have for eons. What we have at most, is consensual capitalism by the majority. Western societies have evolved, to where there are relatively few “haves”, and a large and growing number of “have-nots.” This cannot and will not be sustainable much longer. Either those who are in positions of power and influence adopt a more compassionate and humane form of capitalism by choice, or government, empowered by its financially disenfranchised electorate, will give it a mandate to do so, via the enforcement of laws.

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