Back then when I knew it all.

There are words I seldom choose to use for a variety of reasons. These specific words can denote something wholly undesirable, conjure up negative attitudes, and come across as self-righteous and judgmental.  These words can render me persona non grata as to being the beneficiary of gifts, I otherwise would have received. I can become intolerant. I can be cut off from experiencing necessary changes in my life, and a whole host of other results.

One such word is the term obnoxious. Look it up in the dictionary. It signifies a litany, a virtual plethora of unpleasant attributes, when associated with and imputed to a person. In Spanish, one would use words like “odioso” (the word in English means detestable) and “repugnante” (which translates as smell in English), to convey what is behind an obnoxious person.  The word signifies someone seen as smelly (even if void of body odor) and detestable. This is a serious word, and should be unearthed sparingly, with great care and forethought.  It bites hard and deep on its recipient.

It is with this as a backdrop, that I freely confess that I, at one time, was unequivocally and undeniably – obnoxious.  I am now aware of this, because I come across people that are presently the way I once was – when I knew it all.  Just ask the people I interacted with on spiritual matters, after “I got religion.” (Later on, I received the gift of faith – a big difference). When it came to matters of spirituality including correct theology, one’s proper standing before GOD, living life the way the CREATOR intended for us to live it, and on and on, I had the corner on all truth. Any dissenting voices were simply followers of another gospel, who I then felt compelled to guide towards the true light, which I was holding. Was it even conceivable to imagine that they could experience a blessing greater than this? The gift I would give them.  I certainly could not imagine so.

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