“I’m Every Woman” – an excerpt

Dear cherished reader:

For this month’s post, I thought I’d reveal a few words from my upcoming book, “I’m Every Woman.” A Celebration of Unique de Femmes!

In a nutshell, this is a celebration of women globally in all its glorious forms of expression. as seen through the eyes of a man with a heart of a woman. Within it’s pages, once complete, you’ll meet Jennifer (J.J.), Gwen, Maryam, Jacquie and others, great women all, along with an accounting of the struggles womanhood has had to endure globally since time immemorial. You’ll laugh, cry, empathize and most assuredly, identify, for they are your sisters. I’m Every Woman is a book that desperately needs to be and finally, is being written. Enjoy! 

Oh what power the penis in its own head thinks it possesses, deeming itself sovereign over a women’s abyss (and straight and “bi” men, let’s be real here – virtually any honey pot will do), and then immediately declaring it damaged goods after “blessing” with its presence, what it views as its unrestricted self-authorized cock socket, replete with its very own pool of “swimmers!”

Where did this inviolable worship of the penis with its resultant global dominance originate, and what role does male engendered religion play in its perpetuation? Surely men’s sexual proclivities are just as virulent as those of a woman, perhaps even more! Unquestionably, women don’t require a man to experience an intense satisfying orgasm. Furthermore, the notion that penile-vaginal sex as the only morally accepted way that one can experience their sexuality, is clearly a bunch of hooey!

How very appropriate it was, that Judith’s (not her real name) first husband’s name is Peter! I suppose it could have just as easily been Dick! One Sunday morning, Judith somewhat fervently invited my wife Fran and I to their home for dinner, from her perspective, a desperately hoped-for precursor to us engaging them in a series of marriage counseling sessions, a last ditch attempt to salvage what had become her prison, and a desperately needed diversion from what had become her oppressive household norm (she was on the verge of emotionally imploding from the constant verbal religious “instruction” from her husband). From a Divine point of view, it was to be the genesis of her being set free! Judith, we would discover soon enough, was at the end of her rope, emptied of her sense of self-worth, determination and significance. She anxiously needed to piggyback off the strength and resolve of others, so that she might muster the required courage – to let go! Truly, “the chains that are unseen, are the heaviest of them all!”


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