Letting Go of the Rope!

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

“The best place to be on a rope, is at the end of it!”


The imagination is a powerful engine and can be both beneficial and detrimental. When it pertains to desperately holding on to something or someone in our life that we imagine we simply can’t get along without or something bad will happen, it’s a rope! It’s a lie. More often than not, it’s also a figment of our imagination, an illusion, something that’s become ingrained over the years to keep us right where we are and to resist change. In human-kind, it comes factory installed from the moment of conception. However, the costs of hanging on, are almost always a quantum greater on so many levels, than the fiction we entertain in our minds. Holding on to the ropes in our lives, destines us for mediocrity. “Empty are the seats in the theatre of mediocrity!” Letting go of the rope is simple, it’s just not easy.

The ropes in our lives take on many forms, shapes and sizes. It could be:

  • The fantasy we create as we envision how others see us in the physical sense;
  • A relationship that had gone south years ago and has been sapped of any vision, mission, vitality, romance, adventure, care……even love;
  • A career or employer that has been sucking the life out of you and is void of any self-satisfaction;
  • A religious dogma that one has subscribed to for so long, that the very thought of changing one’s mind conjures up a notion that the Divine could turn his/her back on us.


To be clear, letting go of the rope always involves a choice, an act of faith, that the Author of Love is always waiting with open arms to catch and to propel us to a new and deeper journey. It can’t be experienced any other way. On the other hand, holding on to the rope also involves a choice, a decision to rely upon our own strength, that we can endure the pain just a little longer, that somehow things will change for the better. It almost always – wont.

True freedom always involves a decision. Are we willing to open our hands and let go of the rope, or not? That’s why I say that that the best place to be on a rope, is at the end of it! We need a change of mind, to go deeper. True wealth is always and only found by letting go of the rope. Let’s do a deeper dive regarding the different ropes I alluded to above and in the same order:

  • If we live long enough, it’s almost certain, that most of us will have had something go awry physically requiring surgery. Surgery always indelibly leaves its mark. A good number will obsess over what they imagine others are thinking or will think, even to the point where they envision the revulsion of others towards them. It’s a rope. No one is exempt from scarring, whether internal or external. Yet many desperately cling to that rope. What will others say – think, when I “come out to them” and they see my scars? Will they still love me – want me? Someone once said that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. I think it’s true. As for those who claim to be your friend, if they’re repelled at the sight of your scars once you let go of the rope, they never were your friend and haven’t lived long enough themselves. Never fall in love with the external. It’s passing away! It’s a trap, a prison. The Spirit lives forever! We ought to control what we can and use the “temple” that’s been entrusted to us in the service of others.
  • I have a dear friend that has been in a marriage, not an equal partnership, but a legal relationship for several years. Legally, they are coupled. For most of those years, she has endured misogyny, insult, insensitivity, abuse (not the physical type but worse, the scars that are unseen) and a lack of any effective communication. Long ago, her husband abandoned his post. The words he uttered at their marital ceremony have been muted. My friend had told me numerous times that she would have packed and left but for one thing – fear! Not of him, but what she imagined lay before her – if she let go of the rope. How will I support myself? She knew times of scarcity in days gone by and the thought of visiting that again, was unbearable. Perhaps she has too much time to ponder this, for if something tragic were to befall her spouse (God forbid), she’d be in much the same predicament, only it would all be foisted upon her at once and without warning. I have no doubt that she would discover all that she needed to make progress. Actually, she’s been loosening her grip on the rope for years. She just needs to let go. I believe she will.
  • He or she who would teach, must be the greatest learner of all. I was recently in my car with my business partner and shared with her that I was going to be writing on what it means to hold on to the ropes in our lives. She asked me what ropes in my life I was willing to let go of. I told her there were three I had identified so far. They were all business related and they were robbing me of the life-balance I treasure so much and ultimately, the vision I have for my future. As mentioned above, I falsely believed that if I dropped any of the ropes, something unpleasant would ensue. I separately shared each one of these ropes with her. She listened intently to each. Not only did we arrive at workable solutions but I discovered that what I feared was a mirage, a product of my past. I had become an enemy of myself. I needed to go deeper to escape my old mind. I avowed to let go of each rope and to truly be set free.
  • True freedom will never be found in the wisdom of men, but rather, awaits to be discovered beyond this world in the metaphysical, beyond the physical. Scripture, regardless of the faith to which it’s aligned, is most alive when it’s in harmony with the Spirit and not the head. Relationship to a theology is a lifeless religion. – impotent. It changes nothing and no one for good. If we’re to have eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that understands, we must let go of the rope. There are no other options worth considering. It’s the only real hope our world has, not Donald Trump or any other leader. We urgently need to start over, put on beginner’s minds, getting out of our own way and letting go of what we think we know. All the founders of any faith-based movement that were worth their salt at all, encouraged their adherents to drop the ropes in their lives (including the rope of religion), all those things that were stifling their progress and the bringing of a Divinely-inspired Kingdom to earth. They railed against the spirit of religion, of separation, division, of persecution. They said to follow them in what they were modelling, not their religion or a new religion. They called for men and women everywhere to go deeper, to shed their dualistic minds, minds that are focused on either or, right or wrong, black or white, truth or untruth. It’s a mind with its own agenda, a scriptural answer looking for a question. “He/she who needs to be right, is in a prison of their own creation!”

The wisdom of men, including all their religions and their dogmas, have no real answers to the trauma which grips our world. They have all been tried in the court of Divine Jurisprudence – and found wanting. We MUST start anew. We possess all that we need, but we MUST start over. All the memorization of Scripture will only prove how good one’s memory is and even that will go in time. Ultimately, the future of our world, will be in the hands of men and women everywhere, who humble themselves and know what they don’t know except this, they all will know that they first, had to let go of the rope! May we come to that understanding much sooner than later.

Please share your thoughts below so others might benefit from your experiences. Thank You.




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