The Power of Becoming – Forever!


“Otherwise, if you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.” – Bob Dylan

“Heaven is Now!”

“He/She who needs to be right, is in a prison of their own creation!”


I believe in forever and by extension, as the lyrics go to the song Rock and Roll Heaven, when it comes to our earthly sojourn, if you’ll allow me to be crass for a moment, “life is just a one-night stand.” Though it be brief and fleeting, meta-physically speaking (beyond the physical), to cite the lyrics from another song, “we’ve only just begun.” Our existence is forever. As to our spirit, our energy, we can never die. If the Creator is always creating, how is it that we, the created ones, should ever aspire to doing otherwise – to arrive? We were created to evolve on multiple levels forever. When we cease to create, our corporeal-self begins to die. We were created in the image of the Divine. Richard Rohr says that “God is a verb, not a noun, a flow more than a substance, an experience more than an old man sitting on a throne.” We ought to be likewise.

Take for example the prospect of retiring from one’s life’s-  work. We were never designed to retire from something but rather, to something. If the word “retire” were to be viewed metaphorically as one’s arriving, it’s not a time for celebration. It’s a death sentence. How many times can you recall discovering that after years of work, someone you were familiar with “retired,” only to discover thereafter and far too soon, that they succumbed to a heart attack, cancer or other? It’s antithetical to our DNA because it runs counter to the very character of the Divine, which is to be endlessly creating. It’s innate, intrinsic. He/She is forever creating, becoming. The story of creation has been written since the beginning of all beginnings and will continue for eternity. We need to be also, never giving ourselves permission to get too comfortable. There should always be a tension in our lives, a discomfort, a strangeness (is that a word?). In time, those that we once viewed as different, will become for us, the new normal as the former passes away.

Once we come to the place of validating this Power of Becoming – Forever, and the subsequent myriad ways it’s acceptance works in and through our heart, experientially, it’s benefits are endlessly stunning. There is the:

  • Acceptance of Others. We are all simply on a different path. Not better – different. We are neither ahead nor behind others, nor are they compared to us. There simply is – NOW! In fact, comparisons of all kinds are fruitless. The word judgement is stricken from our vocabulary. If we’re truly watching, hearing, seeing, we should be learning from others, for the Divine speaks through all, regardless of circumstances, station in life, gender, religious leanings, sexual attractions, and so much more.  
  • Acceptance of Death. Once the reality of our becoming forever versus arriving truly takes hold of our hearts, we begin to view our earthly death as a continuation and not an ending. We no longer rebel but rather embrace the notion that in the earthly sense, all must die, for life and death are inextricably entwined. We’re simply graduating to the next season.
  • Acceptance, even a rejoicing of other’s accomplishments and possessions. It’s the death of envy, of covetousness. Though they be aware of it or not, they too are in the perpetual state of becoming. To be jealous of others, is tantamount to resenting that they possess the wind. Life never stands still.
  • Acceptance of Divine will in our lives, our station, everything, come what may. It’s an acceptance of never knowing what lies just around the next corner. It empowers us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, not a salvation from what is commonly referred to as hell, but rather, a salvation from ourselves, from our own limitations, to get out of our own way. We become endowed with the gift of seeing all things from a Divine perspective, a never-ending quest. The former will have passed away. All things will have become as new.
  • Acceptance of the religious leanings of others. We come to realize ourselves, that over time, as to our personal faith and how we live it, has evolved over the years in significant ways. The Creator of the Universe will not be hemmed in by the name we attach to a faith, our finite theologies or the words printed in a book written by men. We’ll find Him/Her when we search for Him/Her with all our heart He/She is the God of all.
  • Acceptance of adversity. We act, react, to the times we’re summoned to spend (it’s more like investing) time in the valley as if it’s our lot, the hand we drew. Nothing could be further from the truth. Things are always moving forward, always changing. It’s a temporary state. Whatever we focus on gets larger. We’re always becoming, or should be.
  • Acceptance of the gift of gratitude, as we come to understand that those things we at one time took for granted, were ours for a season, that there is a last time for all. We now cherish every second, holding everything lightly.
  • Acceptance of emptiness, the conscious and deliberate emptying of ourselves so that we might be enabled to fill up on the Divine. It’s where His/Her Heart is to be found, in the emptiness, the barrenness. That’s where we’ll discover our calling. It’s where TRUE LOVE resides.
  • Acceptance of where we’re at as to all things and not needing the approval of others. What a deleterious condition to find oneself in. At the heart of the matter, all were created to be a blessing to all of creation and all are becoming, including those who judge you. It’s all changing. To be brought into existence is to change. They too have only so much time remaining on their NOW and their meter of life, though their blind to what’s taking place right under their nose. He/she who dies with the most toys – dies.

The Divine is the Author of Becoming and is found in all things. The secret to all the above is not in trying to measure up, to achieve Him/Her. We can’t achieve God. It’s much simpler than that. We ought to just surrender into the hands of LOVE!

Wishing you all a year ahead of great health, true joy and an abundance of becoming! Happy New Year!  

I’d love it if you’d be kind enough to invest a few moments with me at the end of this month’s blog and share your thoughts. Thank you so very much.



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