the taming of god


Taming the Untamable

Taming the Untamable

“If we won’t see god in all things, in time, we won’t see the Divine in anything!”

“God is never an object to be found or possessed as we find other objects, but the One who shares our own deepest subjectivity—or our “self.”

The world is desperately in need of a global orgasm!”

“He/she who dies with the most toys – dies!”

Taming: to domesticate, break, train, master, subdue

They flock to their houses of religion, believing they’re committing acts of worship focused on the Creator of all things. They’re tragically deceived! It’s a worship of themselves, the honoring of all they’ve amassed, a god created out of their desire to enlarge their estates, rather than enlarging their hearts. They’ve created their own golden calf made in their own image and likeness. In the foolishness of their imaginations, they have tamed the one who has existed from the beginnings of all beginnings, the One who lives in and through all of creation – and domesticated Him/Her.

It could be assumed from the title of this month’s blog, that what follows is a religious treatise. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is however meta-physical, that is, beyond the physical. That is where the Divine resides.

As I began contemplating the writing of this month’s blog and reflected on the title, the mere thought of taming the Divine, of breaking Him/Her, the Creator of all things, was patently insane.

I was nearing the end of my walk, which as most of you know is also my personal sanctuary. Earlier, I had asked the Divine to enable me to see God in all things. Approaching the gate in front of my home, my eyes were drawn to a hawk, regally perched atop the large pine tree which majestically rests in front of the house. Transfixed, I thought I’d take a picture of this magnificent creation. Just as I was preparing to do so, he/she  bid me adieu and took flight. It was a stark reminder that there is a segment of creation that was never intended to be tamed. It’s untamable. Therefore, how could we ever contemplate taming, domesticating, the Creator of all that is untamable? Yet we do it without realizing it in so many ways, every day of our lives.

Every time we misuse, abuse, attempt to control, that which was Divinely created, it expresses our desire to tame creation and because He/She is in all things everywhere, to tame God. In essence, to re-create all which has been perfectly created into our image, in the lust of our hearts, bring about a better creation. We have within us this basic need to cause the Creator to fit into our world of scarcity, though we deem it to be abundant. We’re blind. It’s when we fully surrender to the Divine within us, that we let go and get out of our own way, that we’re truly able to see. We must choose to become an enemy of all that we think we know. By limiting the Divine in the folly of our own fancies, by extension, we stymie our own progress. We will see, only to the extent we permit the Divine to inhabit and take control of our lives. We must choose to see the Divine, to look for the Divine, in everything.

Then and only then, it will become impossible to hate, to judge, to control, to separate, for that would be tantamount to hating ourselves, for all are connected. Then, we will be free. That is true wealth.

All man-made religion, in the madness of their mind’s eye, are guilty of the same absurdity, that of wanting to tame god. It’s all idolatry. The very nature of God is freedom and not bondage. The Divine is infinitely bigger than their hollow attempts to interpret the heart and the mind of God. He/she will not be conformed to the understanding of words that have been written into a book. They worship a golden calf made with their own hands. Even my best attempts to thoughtfully write this post on “the taming of god,” is a form of my trying to tame the untamable.

Our need to be right in any number of issues, again, reflects our endeavor to tame god. Is the wisdom of the ages not resident in others, regardless of their station in life, their gender, their age, even their faculties? How prideful of us to think that we and we alone are chosen! Is this not how we exert control over others, to contain them, to have them mold themselves into our image? We speak of the greatness of the Creator and yet our thoughts and speech, show that the god we claim to serve, is exceedingly small, confined, serving us at our good pleasure.

“Most people do not see things as they are because they see things as they are!” – Richard Rohr

Why would one even want to tame god, if it weren’t simply for this reason, that they themselves wish to be God? They, who are one heartbeat away from eternity. Is it them who control the next beat? What will we restrain Him/Her with – chains, which He/She fashioned? Ludicrous! Might it also be that the Divine is all that stands in the way to a world of uncontrollable avarice and greed? We can no more tame the Divine than we can order the sun not to set nor command the wind to change direction.

The key to living a life that mirrors the very best that we were created to be, rests on one decision, that of choosing to see the Divine in and through all and turning all that we are and have, over to the Creator, and by extension, helping others to do the same. The Divine in me, sees and honors the Divine in you. Namaste.

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