While the World Slept

“If a breathalyzer instead measured our world’s intoxication from money, who would be left to arrest the accused?”

“He/she who dies with the most toys – dies!”

There are none so blind as those who will not see” – Actual Freedom

“Every ladder, no matter how high and without exception, eventually runs out of steps!”

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.” Daniel J. Boorstin


My heart was recently arrested, as I witnessed a well-known high profile model on a global scale, posing with her diamond studded apparel worth an estimated seventy-five million dollars. That’s $75,000,000. Perhaps my years are showing but to be candid, I was thoroughly sickened. In light of the myriad of global injustices foisted upon all of Divine creation, the ongoing widespread poverty bearing witness to our growing indifference on so many levels and the hardening of our spiritual arteries towards that which is right under our noses, in our own backyards, this I thought, must be the essence of materialism on steroids. The god of this world has made itself known and its name, is money!

There’s a common misunderstanding and one perpetrated by many religions, that there’s nothing wrong with money in and of itself. Rather, they assert that it’s the love of money that’s at issue. WRONG! Holding to a posture such as this, gives the world of men far too much credit, even mistakenly exalting the notion that mankind’s natural penchant is toward a love of neighbor when in practice, it merely provides them with cover to continue down the road most travelled, to legitimize their avarice and greed. Here is were the rubber meets the road. Money is an intoxicant which we can’t get enough of and like a malignant cancer, is consuming us more and more by the hour. It controls us, dulling the senses, blinding us and making us impervious to the pain of others. It’s the gospel of money and most religious leaders lack the courage to tell it like it is, for fear of upsetting and therefore compromising, their cash cow. The business of religion is no different than any other for profit business. It simply attempts to legitimize itself through its alleged blanket acceptance by and favored association with the Divine, furthering power and control over its adherent’s purse strings through its various mantras, one being that they ought to not abandon regularly assembling together (which is what any would be successful sales organizations does).

Historically, under one male dominated religion which still exists today, women and little girls had known such money driven barbarism, making the so-called heathen nations appear as developed, under the guise that the female gender were responsible for all that’s wrong with our world and at the core, are inferior beings, a Divine after thought, called to serve men. The governments of the so-called civilized world slept while atrocities too heinous and unspeakable to mention here occurred daily, where death was the only relief, both for mother and far too often, child as well. The Third Reich did it’s best to eradicate the world of its Jewish population, branding them as the rulers of all things financial and gluttonus, promoting a mantra that suggested, that when it came to the Jewish problem, it wasn’t so much a religious issue, but rather, was a matter of inferior blood – tainted, which needed to be purged so that the world might be righted. Most of the world slept soundly while the Nazis, under the authority and with the full blessing of their god, indiscriminately helped themselves to all that the Jewish people had worked their tuchas’ off to get.

A number of years ago, a pastor friend of mine asked if I would substitute for him for a month of Sundays while he vacationed. It was an inner city church located in Toronto, Canada. I gladly accepted the challenge. Little did I know how rich that experience was going to turn out to be – for me. On the second Sunday, I was speaking on God’s Love. In the front row, just as the week before, the same young Native Canadian man sat, appearing to be eagerly taking in and digesting all of “the truth” that I was proffering. After the service, he approached me. Filled with myself, I anticipated that he was about to tell me how moved he was by my sermon. He didn’t. Instead, he asked if I would sit with him over lunch. He had some things he wanted to share (soup and a sandwich were the reward the attendees received for sitting (or laying) through the service). I told him I’d be honored (or did I mean that he would be honored?). “Your theme today – that God is love. It’s bullshit!” he defiantly proclaimed. “Why is that” I inquired, any potential for having my ego massaged now thoroughly down the toilet. For the next thirty minutes, he shared with me how, as a little boy, he experienced how the so-called ministers of God, the God of love, missionaries, held his mother and father down and with a blazing hot iron fashioned into a cross, marked them for life, while those that accompanied them, approvingly slept. Little did I know how I would become the one ministered to. I could do nothing but tell him how I understood how he took the position he had held for those many years and that the men that did that to his beloved mom and dad were frauds, in no way ambassadors for the Divine I had referred to earlier. The Divine wanted only a loving relationship founded on Grace and freedom. The religionists wanted their pound of flesh, their obedience – and to enslave them.

And today – though the players and the rules may be different, the game is the same. Women are still largely viewed by the world of men as chattel, objects there to serve them (and that man can be as close as your next door neighbor or attendee at the church, synagogue or mosque you frequent). Entire faiths and cultures are being wrongfully disparaged and judged by those who ought to first be looking at the two by four in their hearts, before they point out the twig in the eye of their brother or sister. Before we expunge anyone, we need to remember that in 1492, the native peoples discovered Christopher Columbus. Apart from the First Nations peoples, we’re all immigrants. We desperately all need to first wipe clean the slates of our hearts and to start over. Divine truth will never be found amongst the wisdom of men. But before I get too high and mighty, I first need to check myself out. In view of the above, if I were being honest – with me, how do I score?



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